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A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is priceless. When you look through old pictures, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could hear a person’s voice or the sound of nature, and see a smile form or a wave come to shore? Videos add life to your memories.
Don’t settle for just still, lifeless photos to preserve your memories or promote your business. Make them come to life with custom-made videos.
Video Creations for Life has been helping people and businesses for over a decade, preserving their memories and promoting their businesses with tailor-made videos.

Preserving Memories
We create videos for birthdays, weddings, funeral/memorial video/slideshows, etc. to preserve your cherished personal memories. Being able to hear and see loved ones and their movements, or memorable occasions is a treasure well-worth preserving.

Business Promotion
Videos add the sounds and movements that help convey the message and image you want to project for your business. Promotional brochures are helpful, but they don’t provide the energy and sensory stimulation of a well-crafted video presentation. Videos capture a prospect’s interest and promote a positive, memorable perception of your business and image.
Video Creations for Life can partner with you to create engaging videos to help promote your business and win new customers. You may also have to outline informational or instructional content for your staff and instead of using a paper document such as a memo, using video would provide a better, more engaging tool to share that important information.

Music Videos
We can create and enhance music videos to add another dimension to your viewing. Music can convey emotion and increase the pleasure of viewing a video. For businesses, the choice of music can enhance the image you are trying to create and leave a favorable impression.
At Video Creations for Life, we are passionate about producing the highest quality custom-tailored videos possible at a very reasonable price. Our goal is to put a smile on our client’s face with a carefully crafted video at an affordable price.
It’s easy to get started. Send us your files, photos (digital or physical), video clips and audio, and we will create a video or slideshow to preserve your cherished memories or help promote and grow your business.
We would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us using the form below at info@video-creations-for-life.com or call (310-251-2561).

Video Tape Conversions
Do you have any VHS, VHS-C and/or 8mm video tapes that you would like converted to digital files and maybe even burned to DVD or flash drive? If so, please know that we provide these services as well done within a short timeframe. The cost is just $14.00/tape conversion. Volume discounts are available. If you'd like the digital file (MP4) burned to DVD or flash drive, there would be an additional $15.00 charge for each.